Data Science is the hottest and one of the highest paying fields of the 21st century. It is extensively used in every domain, whether it be technology, medicine, business, applied science etc. Data Strata is an exclusive event for all the budding data scientists organised under the banner of Tecnoesis 2020. The participants have to go through an online quiz as stated in the rules and then, they will do hands-on data analysis on a given real world dataset .


Kavii Suri
( +91-9479877490)
Yash Tripathi
( +91-9336107600)


Cyberbot gives you the perfect opportunity to start and finish the first step in your web development journey in 2 days, and test out your knowledge for a cash prize immediately after. A 2 day workshop will be held that teaches you all the basics required to make a website and host it on git. No prerequisites required. CSS, HTML, JS, and Git are things that help you no matter what you want to develop, whether it be a site in React, an android app, or a backend REST API. The final contest requires you to submit a robot themed website that will be judged on basis on functionality, creativity, and code readability.



Aditya Kotari
( 80088 02774 )

Soumya Ranjan Mohapatro
( 94396 53530 )

Bhargab Nath
( 93656 98129 )

Nibble Code 3.0

Introducing you to the realm of competitive coding, we present Nibble Code! Exclusively for freshmen, the contest will be much of a fun game which will have you scratch your heads over simple but tricky problem statements.


Rishu Kumar
( 7678634716)

Biley Roy
( 6002218571)

Abhinab Saha
( 7002144980)

Debadipto Biswas
( 9476836468)

Pixelate 2021

Pixelate 2021, under Tecnoesis is the most interesting, exciting and the largest photography contest in the north eastern part of the country. It is organised in association with Obeittivo, Photography Club, National Institute of Technology Silchar. Pixelate’21 is aimed at bringing enthusiastic and professional photographers of the country, on a common platform to showcase their best clicks. Pixelate has three themes under which entries to this grand competition are invited. This year, the themes are: Post-Pandemic World, Portrait, and Food. All the entries are featured on the Official Facebook page of Obiettivo, Photography Club, NIT Silchar.


Mohit Singh
( 8521932226)

Gulshan Kumar
( 95595 08568)